Design all'avanguardia Finiture on-demand

Zingali Acoustics was founded in 1986 in a small acoustic handcrafted workshop, where Giuseppe Zingali, a master of sound and electro-acoustics, understands the power of a professional audio market in those years dominated by the most famous American names in the field. But things change in a hurry.

The early prototypes of high-efficiency Monitor moves quickly to highly sophisticated products, which in the intentions of the designer must be the best in the world for sound quality and affordable in the purchase price.

The legendary 8800 Series, consisting of 4 models still sought-after by true fans of music, opens the doors of a large international market and the close cooperation started in 1988 with Bruce Scrogin, the unforgettable President of Harman Int. and JBL from 1985 to 1992, does the rest.

Zingali Loudspeaker, the only one in the world to have the honour to have in its logo the JBL brand for the specific use of the units produced in the U.S., finds admirers in the four corners of the Earth and consolidates an uncompromising product image, built with the painstaking care of the Italian wood craftsmen, combined with an acoustic perfection that manages to amaze the most hardened audiophile.

Meanwhile moved to Aprilia, over the years the production head office becomes insufficient to cover the demands of the market and in 2007 it has been transferred again to its current production and storage location, still in Aprilia but in the industrial area, well connected to Rome, to the airports and commercial airports for sea-freight.

The production machines were renewed and two SCM Ergon C.N.C. machines were bought, among the best in the world, to cut and forge the wood, fully automated and accurate to tenths of a millimeter.

The varnishing department, a flagship of Zingali Acoustic, it is equipped with three large ovens to lacquer the cabinets and front panels, to guarantee absolute perfection in the aesthetic treatment of the various types of wood chosen by customers, for custom finishes too. The expensive versions "Black Piano" and "White Piano" were born, with seven coats of lacquer and a Steinway effect, greatly appreciated in Oriental markets.

Then a big auditorium of 500 sqm is set up to test and tune professional audio systems, with a Bruel & Kjaer instruments to get quality certifications. Another area of 400 sqm lodges also three showrooms: an area dedicated exclusively to Home Cinema and different single-speaker listening rooms. We must not therefore confuse Zingali Acoustics with the competitors. In each unit that leaves the factory there is a study of materials and a passion for the sound that makes it unique, unmistakable and precious, destined to last over time.

"Elegant, distinctive and distinguished, with a hint of extravagance. for those that get it, nothing else but zingali will do. they won't just become your next set of loudspeakers, they will hoin the family... owners tend to talk about them like they are happily married to them, and they always stay together"

Alan Sircom, Hi-fi+ January 2012


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