Design all'avanguardia Finiture on-demand

The Showroom set up within the Company deserves a separate chapter on this site. It serves not only to demonstrate excellent loudspeakers, but also to meet people who share a passion for music. What more could one wish for?

In fact, not everyone can welcome amateurs, dealers, distributors, and musicians inside the Company and make listening sessions with the loudspeakers you desire to buy. Giuseppe Zingali chose the way of the personal commitment and loves talking to all those who stand in front of his loudspeakers to provide explanations, curiosity and answering to any questions you may have. Obviously you need an appointment but none will deny it, be sure!

The Showroom is not a cold and algid demo room, but a place to meet and exchange views, where the ideas often arise and have to be carried out in a few hours to satisfy perhaps a technical curiosity and then immediately have a check on field. A place where you can dig out the myths of the past, where playing back records of all types, suitable to make comparative assessments but also to recognize the timbre of the instruments played.

A passion for “vintage” audio has so heavily influenced Giuseppe Zingali to almost make him deny the front-end of the last generation, and it's not hard to find him listening to his mythical creatures: Client Name 2.1, 160 kg. each, driven by a NAD 3060 bought during his University time!

The amazing thing is that the sound remains extraordinary even with few and very clean Watts at the entrance. Embracing a philosophy of impeccable design, Zingali Acoustics loudspeakers are designed to play well, regardless of the front end and there is no need to acquire muscular and highly gifted amplifiers, often very expensive, even to sonorize large environments

"Elegant, distinctive and distinguished, with a hint of extravagance. for those that get it, nothing else but zingali will do. they won't just become your next set of loudspeakers, they will hoin the family... owners tend to talk about them like they are happily married to them, and they always stay together"

Alan Sircom, Hi-fi+ January 2012


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