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Zingali Acoustic: The origins of a worldwide success

Zingali Loudspeaker, this first name adopted by the company, began operating in Italy in 1986 in the professional audio industry with innovative projects, highly appreciated by professionals.

In the Hi-fi market, booming world in the early ' 90, it entered only after achieving a great success in the world of recording studios, especially with the "Studio Monitor 8800" series, a professional high efficiency loudspeakers that adopted a driver with an exclusive craftmanship horn for the mid-high section, a precursor of what would become the symbol of Zingali Company itself, the horn using the "Omniray" technology.

In the first period of development, the founder of Zingali Loudspeaker, Mr Giuseppe Zingali, had in fact carried out extensive researches in the field of electro-acoustics, primarily to solve many problems (such as distortion and transparency of sound) on the reproduction of medium and high frequencies, trying to combine the advantages of mid-traditional dome tweeters with the undeniable advantages that a horn loading offers in terms of dispersion, efficiency and dynamics of the sound.

Every detail was not overlooked, as demanded by the philosophy of Zingali.

Starting with the selected JBL Pro range transducers , from the coils of OFC copper filters, to the strict tolerances of the resistors and capacitors, everything was subjected to strict quality control tests.

The success was instantaneous and even thanks to a unique ability to combine acoustic research with the exclusive handicraft of the cabinet, the succeeding and mythical series manufactured by Zingali have occupied a prominent place in the history of the music playback.

In March 1996, in conjunction with the application of Omniray technology on the product ranges of those times and to the great success reached in the domestic market, it was decided to extend the challenge to foreign markets.

The first step was Japan. We began working with a distributor of strong preparation in professional field: after only six months of presence on the market, the launch in Japan brought us the recognition of the prestigious COTY AWARD ' 96/'97 (Audio component of the year) for model 95-215 Studio Monitor, the first to adopt a 15 inches wooden Omniray horn with two 380 mm woofers in a 92 kg weighty cabinet.

This award was established by "Stereo Sound" magazine, the number one in Japan and one of the world's most influential one. It aroused the interest of the critics and the Japanese public and opened up the door to the worldwide diffusion of the brand.

During the last few years, our loudspeakers have found space in thousands of demanding audiophiles, musicians and music professional operators’s homes; as well as in prestigious recording studios scattered in the four corners of the Earth. Among them, it is worth mentioning the Omnibus Studio, (replacing a JBL system, that was three times more expensive!) and the new Sony Music Studio in Tokyo.

A witness of the quality of Zingali products was also the famous Director Francis Ford Coppola, who chose an HT system produced by Zingali Acoustics to soundtrack the movie theater in his Italian residence.

The numerous international awards and recognitions awarded to Zingali loudspeakers in the recent past by the most prestigious magazines of the high fidelity world are a concrete proof of our quality and our ongoing commitment to improve a quality of sound reproduction that now nears perfection.

Who does not remember the legendary "Butterfly", true icons for music lovers from all over the world, inaccessible for absolute performances, for size, weight and price? Or the extraordinary Home Pro 9000? The Overture series? And the slender and beautiful Colosseum? Without forgetting the very appreciated Twenty, which paved the way to the latest Evo Series (the ZeroEvo and Twenty Evo – 2013 Model Year)

During these last 25 years, Giuseppe Zingali has designed and manufactured over than 85 models of loudspeakers, meant for a various audience but always demanding in terms of sound and design, with an unbeatable "value for money", recognized by true fans of music.

Despite many excellent goals have been achieved, Zingali continues to pursue its main objective: technological evolution and uncompromising quality. Only this can be expected from each loudspeaker produced by Zingali, always and entirely "Made in Italy".



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